The World’s First Automated Corndog System

Founded in 1976 by Glenn Walser, Automated Food Systems answered the need of a food processor who needed a method for automating corn dog production. He had expertise as a mechanical engineer and an idea that everybody else said couldn’t be done. With one investor, he went about developing the first automated corndog system in the world.

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Proven Ideas Applied to Diverse Products

We expanded our product offerings in 1999, when we built a machine that automatically assembles kebabs. The machine can be customized to meet any customer’s needs, and operates on a conveyor belt system, with plastic trays that hold the different components of the kebab and can accommodate a variety of stick lengths and food items.

Kebab & Skewer Systems $

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Innovating Food Processing On a Global Scale

Today, AFS designs and manufactures custom automated and manual production systems for corn dogs, kebabs, funnel cakes, batter mixing and pumping, and more. We build world-class food processing and material handling equipment every day. And we pride ourselves on engineering smart, creative solutions for our customers.


Custom Design & Fabrication

Every system we make is custom designed to suit your unique processes and ingredients with robust functionality and simplicity in design at the core. Starting with our innovative skewer insertion technology, our systems are flexible enough to produce an endless amount of styles and adapt to raw material fluctuations. Have a unique food automation challenge? Let AFS custom design a solution.

Custom Design & Fabrication $

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Have a unique food automation challenge?

Let AFS custom design a solution.

The high-speed KW-2001 skewering system is currently in operation in food processing plants in:

  • ASIA


1976 Automated Food Systems Opens

1977 PRL-400 Semi-Automated Corn Dog Processing System

1981 Model 123 Sanitary Food Transfer Pump

1983 MM-240 Five-Sack Batter Mixer

1984 PTL-1200 Semi-Automated Corn Dog System

1986 HOP-1300 Semi-Automated Corn Dog System

1987 PTL-1000 Semi-Automated Corn Dog System

1987 MM Jr. One Sack Mixer

1988 PTL-2000 Fully Automated Corn Dog System

1988 Model 200 Sanitary Food Pump

1990 PTL-2100 Fully Automated Corn Dog System

1990 SS-100 Sausage Sticking System

1991 MM-500 Ten Sack Batter Mixer

1991 HOP-100 Manual Corn Dog System

1992 HM-5 Table Top Market-Entry Mixer

1993 CD-3 Table Top Corn Dog System

1993 CD-3 Vendor Cart

1996 PTL 2600 Fully Automated Corn Dog System

1997 MM-750 Fifteen Sack Batter Mixer

2000 KW-2001 High-Speed Skewering System

2000 FC-950 Funnel Cake Fryer and Batter Dispensing System

2001 AFS Premium Wood Skewers