Food Pumps

Maximum Quality & Uptime

Our standard pumps are optimized to work specifically with our automated corn dog systems. They transfer shear-sensitive products and overcome demanding suction conditions to minimize process time without affecting product integrity. The capability of our products accelerates bulk ingredients and loading and unloading times to deliver cost savings across all areas of your production and transportation.

automated food mixer
Overcoming Production Challenges

We develop pump technologies to overcome high viscosity, temperature, and pressure challenges. These capabilities ensure the highest food quality and safety across prepared food industries. Our specialist engineers provide total support to keep your process running efficiently, improving uptime, increasing output, and removing production bottlenecks. If our standard pump options do not fit your application, our engineering team can tailor a pump for your specific configuration.

Saving Time & Waste

With experience across processing, handling, and management, AFS delivers significant savings in labor, processing times, and waste that constitute tangible gains in sustainability and operating profit margins. AFS pumps are developed to provide advanced features, material upgrades and tremendous maintenance advantages. Each model includes features that translate to value, efficiency, and longevity.

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Model M

3 IN. Sanitary Food Pump

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